About Trial

About the Trials

After successful introduction of a new runway, tower and other systems, the final stage of the new Muscat International Airport is almost complete. We have begun the transition to our beautiful new terminal building, with the capacity to welcome 20 million passengers every year.

As Oman’s biggest ever single infrastructure project, this is a prestigious and precious facility. We have a great team preparing for the final opening of the new Muscat International Airport, including airport readiness experts who have been through this process in other leading airports like Munich and London Heathrow. Now that construction is virtually complete, we have begun training and rehearsing with the many stakeholders that operate in the facility: airlines, ground services, police and security personnel, cleaners, contractors, concessionaires and many others.

The Trials have been moving along very well. It is time for us to ask our customers – the public – to help us with the finishing touches. As a final test of the readiness of our systems, and to allow all of our stakeholders to ensure that they are prepared for the public, we are inviting you to participate in the final tests as Trial Passengers

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before registering and choose an appointment when you know you will be available. Oman Airports thanks you for your interest and support. We are honoured and excited to welcome you to this special preview experience at the new Muscat International Airport.







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What are the “Trials”?

When a new airport terminal opens, every system and process must function flawlessly from the first moment. We intend the first day at the new Muscat International Airport to be as good as every other day.

Every employee in every organisation needs to know their role, be familiar with the building and facilities and of course understand the safety features and procedures completely. Displays must show the right information, signs point to the right place, and all systems be active. Passengers must arrive and depart smoothly, aircraft depart on time, and assistance be available for those with reduced mobility or other special needs. Most of all, every safety and security process from hygiene operations to sniffer dogs, must be perfect.

The Trials are not about technical tests: those are completed well before we invite the public to participate. This is about smooth execution of processes. Every stakeholder, from transport to fire services, needs to check their processes in a real experience with customers – customers who will not know their way around, just like on the first day. Different scenarios will be planned and played out to ensure that the real world issues of an airport are applied.

Your Role as a Trial Passenger

In order for the Trials to be as realistic as possible for the airport and airline staff, you will be given a role to play as if you were a real passenger: you will be given a “booking”, with a destination, checked in, processed through immigration and security, and back again.

You might be “departing to Milan” or “arriving from Paris” for a holiday in the Sultanate, or “transiting to the USA” requiring processing through a special control area. It will be up to the airport team to guide you correctly. Please note that there will be no actual flights or aircraft involved, and we will provide you with “bags”, so please don’t bring your luggage!

You will have a briefing right at the beginning from our team, so you will know exactly the role you are supposed to play and where you are going. There is no doubt that some things will go wrong, but don’t worry – this is a test, and our team will be on hand throughout the process to help and answer questions. We hope that being a Trial Passenger will be fun – as well as giving you a VIP preview of the new terminal! There will also be a special prize draw for participants.

Your Trial Day

On every Trial Day, we will involve around a hundred Trial Passengers, though it may be more or less depending on the particular scenario planned. Times may also vary, but you will be informed in advance.
How to Register

Please enter your details here on the website to register online. We cannot accept registrations in person – there is no need to visit the airport.

When you register, you will be able to select a preferred date from those available. There is a limit to the number of Trial Passengers on each day, so we cannot guarantee your participation immediately. We will contact you by email before the Trial to confirm your registration.

Participation in the Trials is hugely valuable to us, and it is important that those who register do attend. If you are unable to participate after you have registered, please make sure that you cancel the registration in plenty of time for someone else to take your place. Instructions on cancellation will be in your confirmation email

Thank you for your interest in the Trials. We look forward to welcoming you to the new Muscat International Airport!

Trials Location

Muscat International Airport is conveniently situated on the main Sultan Qaboos Highway between Muscat and Seeb.

Assembly Location

Oman Convention & Exhibition Center
Al Irfan,Airport Heights,Galah 130,Oman

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