Frequently Asked Questions

How and where can I register for the trial?

Registration is available online or you can visit our stands or kiosks in one of the listed locations.

You can always log off from the trial mode at any time. This is only possible via a link, then via an email address. Both the link to the registration form as well as the e-mail address are given in the confirmation and invitation e-mail. If you are not attending, please deregister with us as early as possible to enable other interested parties to participate.

In case of cancellation or postponement, we will inform you in time by e-mail. You will not be reimbursed for any costs incurred by cancellation or postponement. If you move the trial operation, you are entitled to participate in the new appointment. In the case of a cancellation, once you are deregistered with us you are no longer entitled to participate in the trial, but you have to register again for another trial date.

The exact information about your trial day will be sent to you in an invitation e-mail. You will be notified as soon as possible after registering, as long as you have been selected as a trial passenger.

The exact directions to the meeting point at the Convention Centre are given in the invitation e-mail. If you traveling by a car, you can park on the premises of the Convention Centre on the day of the trial operation in a parking area assigned for you. A parking ticket to the free exit will be handed over to you on the trial day itself.

Yes, parking spaces will be available on the trial day in Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

During the breaks, we will provide food and drinks.

We will take care of all the necessary props, you do not have to bring your own luggage or tickets.

We ask you to wear comfortable clothes and firm shoes on the day of the trial. We will provide you with a protective equipment if necessary. You will also receive a HSE (safety instruction) from us on the trial day.

Yes, for the registration on the spot, we require you the National ID number you have already used for the online registration. No additional identity card or passport is required.

Yes, you are covered by accident insurance during the trials at the construction site. However, no liability is assumed for damaged objects (clothes, shoes, etc.).

No, photographing, filming and recording of sound recordings of any kind are prohibited during the trial period and throughout the construction site. An infringement may lead to the exclusion of the participant from the trial operation.

No, smoking is prohibited on the entire construction site.

No, the consumption of alcohol as well as of noxious substances is prohibited on the construction site and before and during the trial operation.

Experience at the airport is not a prerequisite. It does not matter if someone has already flown or not.

Yes, if accompanied by an adult.

No, participation in the trial is unfortunately only possible with an adequate knowledge of English or Arabic language.

The work during a trial period should not be underestimated. There must be long distances to cover by foot within the Passenger Terminal Building and many stairs must be taken. Also for safety reasons, we would like to point out that you are not allowed to be subjected to any physical restrictions as a trial passenger, which can prevent you from leaving the building quickly and independently (without external assistance) in an evacuation case. These may be obstacles such as overhead naked cables, hoses, or holes in the ground, due to on-going construction work.

No, it is not possible to leave the trial operation prematurely or abort. This is due to the fact that there is no independent transport to or from the New Airport Passenger Terminal Building.

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