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OAMC vision is to be among the top 20 airports of the world

OAMC vision is to be among the top 20 airports of the world

The vision of Oman Airport Management Company is ‘to be among the top 20 airports in the world by 2020’, earning the title by delivering an exceptional customer experience. This journey started two years ago, with the launch of the company’s strategy and a refocus on enhancing our culture. Achieving such a vision requires having world-class facilities, such as those we have in Salalah Airport and in the new Muscat International Airport.

However, being among the top 20 airports is not only about magnificent buildings, but it is also about our people themselves. As such, we are investing a lot in our people to support the culture of our 2020 vision.

For passengers, the most important components of their experience are the attitudes of the people they interact with and the ease of their journey through the airport — from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave... For me as a passenger, it is not only about being in a beautiful setting, it is also about service. Our staff have undertaken customer experience training and leadership workshops to ensure our passengers are well looked after, both upfront and behind the scenes. We firmly believe that happy staff lead to happy passengers.

This is how we differentiate ourselves from other airports, through our culture.To add to the passenger experience, we want to bring the unique identity of Oman into their journey through the new Muscat International Airport.We have a team dedicated to looking after artworks and entertainment activities, who will be responsible for making Omani culture come alive through art installations and innovative campaigns in the airport.

We are introducing applications and technology into all aspects of the airport. We have self-service check-in, mobile check-in and self-service bag drop, as well as the option to book and pay via phone for any preferred services, such as pre-booking fast track services and receiving the confirmation ahead of arrival.

Each category of traveller will have dedicated routes and facilities, so passengers can travel with convenience and ease.”

“The new fast track facilities are available for everyone; you do not have to be a business class passenger to enjoy efficient travelling.

We will also introduce a fully comprehensive call centre, so we can reach the customers before they reach us. To give you an example of how this service would be beneficial, let us assume the car park is full; we will disseminate this information to the passengers before they arrive at the airport.

We are really excited about the new retail offerings at the new Muscat International Airport. Our commercial team has procured both mainstream and luxury brands into the airport retail sector. Travellers will also have the opportunities to purchase local products as mementos of their visit. We will be serving different passenger profiles and, as such, will offer everything from day-to-day items, as well as high-end goods and services.

The new airport has been designed with security and safety at its core, using state-of-the-art biometric smart technology to track any unauthorised access or inconsistencies. We have focussed on creating a streamlined, integrated security process, whilst maintaining a great ambiance in the airport. This is an important part of the overall customer experience; when you feel safe and secure, your trip is calmer.

The new Muscat International Airport will have over 7,000 car parking spaces, all of which offer shaded car parking. We have two multi-storey buildings for short stay, close to the forecourt, which have an entrance to the terminal building. For those looking to park for long stay, we are looking to implement a shuttle service to take passengers to the terminal. With the new systems in place, you can reserve your car park slot before you reach the airport, with the ease of cash and card payments. The car rental providers will also have a dedicated car park close to the terminal building.

We have also been careful to consider the needs of the passengers who are being dropped off and picked up at the airport concourse. Dedicated lanes will be introduced for taxis, private cars, buses and VIPs to manage the flow of traffic coming into the airport. Vehicles entering the concourse area will be time managed to ensure everyone has ease of access.

It takes 10,000 people, working in shifts for 24 hours, to operate, manage and maintain the new Muscat International Airport.

The new airport has been designed to save energy wherever possible. From an operational perspective, there is a dedicated team responsible for all its green initiatives, including technologies that have been implemented to preserve energy. Examples include sensor-programmed lights, automated flush for waste management and utilising the terminal piers mindfully during off-peak hours to ensure minimum energy wastage.
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